Features and Specification

1. Features Bomac Wheel Loader - BAS Feature

Advance Safety

High power density with a combination of fuel and air systems

2. Features Bomac Wheel Loader - High Power
3. Features Bomac Wheel Loader - Realibility and Strong

Optimized brake system with reliability & strong brake effect

Wet axle and new design on system about hydraulic

4. Features Bomac Wheel Loader - New Design Hydraulic
5. Features Bomac Wheel Loader - Strengthened Bucket

Strengthened bucket with wear-resisting plate

With best-in-class standard dump clearance

6. Features Bomac Wheel Loader - Best-in-class Standard
7. Features Bomac Wheel Loader - Special Technology

Special technology on hydraulic steering

Table Specification

ModelBucket CapacityRated LoadingDumping HeightEngine ModelEngine PowerOverall DimensionsOperating Weight
BWL11RZ0,5 m31100 Kg2650 mmBOMAC BTX136,8 KW5290 x 1680 x 2680 mm4000 Kg
BWL13RZ0,5 m31300 Kg2180 mmBOMAC BTX236,8 KW5290 x 1680 x 2680 mm3500 Kg
BWL17RZ0,6-0,8 m31700 Kg2450 mmBOMAC BTX236,8 KW5280 x 1850 x 2580 mm3700 Kg
BWL20RZ0,8 m32000 Kg3080 mmBOMAC BTX453 KW5740 x 1980 x 2880 mm5000 Kg
BWL22RZ1,1 m32200 Kg3200 mmBOMAC BTY-T460 KW6410 x 2100 x 2960 mm6700 Kg
BWL32RZ2 m33200 Kg3050 mmBOMAC BTY292 KW7090 x 3425 x 3270 mm10200 Kg
BWL42RZ2,35 m34200 Kg3000 mmDEUTZ, GERMANY129 KW7670 x 2680 x 3375 mm12000 Kg
BWL52RZ3 m35200 Kg3100 mmBOMAC BTW2162 KW7960 x 3070 x 3490 mm16500 Kg