Features and Specification

1.Features Bomac Telescopic Forklift - BAS

Advance Safety


2.Features Bomac Telescopic Forklift - Strong Power
3.Features Bomac Telescopic Forklift - Energy Saving

Energy saving and Environtment Protection

Double Turbo Hydraulic Turque Converter

4.Features Bomac Telescopic Forklift - Double Turbo Hydraulic
5.Features Bomac Telescopic Forklift - Use Dual Pump

Use dual pump combined hydraulic torque converter

Hand Brake

6.Features Bomac Telescopic Forklift - Electronic Hand Brake
7.Features Bomac Telescopic Forklift - Special Technology

Special technology on hydraulic steering

Table Specification

ModelRated LoadLoad CenterLoad Capacity @ Max. Forward ReachBasic Boom Max. Lifting HeightMax. Lifting HeightMax. / Min. Horizontal ReachEngine Brand
BTH-25-42500 Kg500 mm1000 Kg4850 mm7000 mm3350 / 930 mmCummins
BTH-30-43000 Kg500 mm1250 Kg4850 mm7000 mm3350 / 930 mmCummins
BTH-35-43500 Kg500 mm1550 Kg4850 mm7000 mm3350 / 930 mmCummins
BTH-40-44000 Kg500 mm1800 Kg4850 mm7000 mm3350 / 930 mmCummins
BTH-50-25000 Kg500 mm1500 Kg4500 mm7300 mm5700 / 1500 mmCummins
BTH-50-H5000 Kg500 mm2000 Kg5300 mm8800 mm5470 / 1270 mmCummins